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Roger Stone Guilty on All Charges

Get ready for the circus to really kick in now.

Moments ago, the jury came in on the Roger Stone cases and pronounced Stone guilty of all seven charges he was facing.

Guilty as Charged

This clearly was not a good day for Stone.

When the jury could not reach a verdict on the first day of deliberations, some thought Stone might at least get off on some of the charges.

That ended up being completely wrong, though, as Stone was found guilty on all charges.

Stone now faces up to a total of 50 years in prison for all crimes.

Witness tampering can carry as many as 20 years and the six remaining charges carry a five-year sentence each.

Stone has been released on his own recognizance and his sentencing is scheduled for February.

His attorney has already stated they will be appealing the decision.

Dems Will Use This

Even though Roger Stone was not convicted on any charges related to Russian collusion, make no mistake about it, Dems will use this during the impeachment.

They are going to try to portray all of Donald Trump’s friends as being corrupt and by default, he must be corrupt as well.

The prosecuting attorney even set the stage for them with his statement during the trial.

Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Kravis stated, “Roger Stone does not get to pick and choose which facts he thinks are important and lie about the rest of them.”

Throughout the trail, Kravis pushed the narrative that Stone’s actions were done solely to get Trump elected to the presidency.

Honestly, I am surprised Schiff did not mention the verdict when the hearing came back in session today.

Considering everything else he has done to this point, this would have been par for the course.

Source: CBS News

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