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Roger Stone Sentence Handed Down

Just minutes ago, Roger Stone left the courthouse after Judge Amy Berman Jackson handed down his sentence.

Stone received 40 months, but this is far from over.

Case Still Pending

Most expected the judge to put off Stone’s sentencing until after a ruling was made in Stone’s request to have a new trial.

Instead, Judge Berman Jackson issued a 40-month sentence, allowing Stone to go free on bond until that ruling comes down (that is expected next week).

The sentence handed down by the judge was in line with what Barr had recommended over the original prosecuting attorneys, so she clearly did not believe the “threat” aspect of original sentencing recommendation.

Even so, Stone spent several hours getting lectured by the judge, who called him out for lying and interjecting himself into the Mueller investigation and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Now, the judge will have to decide if the clear bias by the lead juror is enough to grant Stone a new trial or if she will just allow her sentence and this verdict to stand.

Good Point, Mr. President

As all this was playing out, President Trump chimed in via Twitter…

If the verdict stands and Stone is refused a new trial, it would not be a surprise to see Trump pardon Stone just to make a point.

Honestly, who really cares about that, as most of us are far more concerned about the other points made by the President in his tweet.

When are we going to see justice in these other players that committed similar or worse crimes?

Stone is a sleazebag conspiracy theorist, so his behavior is not exactly unexpected.

Andrew McCabe was in a leadership role in the FBI and he did pretty much the same thing that Stone did in terms of lying, so why was there no indictment?

How was Hillary Clinton not held accountable for destroying evidence and her handling of classified evidence?

How was James Comey permitted to blatantly violate FISA laws to secure surveillance on a Trump aide?

We need to see someone in a leadership role in a courtroom to be held to the same standard as Stone and Flynn.

Until we see that, our Department of Justice does not have a leg to stand on in terms of being credible and handing out justice fairly, holding everyone accountable, not giving a free pass to former politicians and DOJ officials.

Source: Fox News

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