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Rudy Giuliani Accuses Media of Biden Cover Up

Democrats were hoping to remove Trump from office over the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, but their worst nightmare is now coming true.

Trump’s personal attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is heading an all-out assault on Joe Biden, the subject of the Trump phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Stop Ignoring the Problem

According to Democrats, Joe Biden should be getting a pass because he is a presidential candidate.

Their thought process is that because Trump can benefit politically from a Biden investigation, the investigation should not take place.

Forget the fact the investigation could uncover what would be one of the most corrupt acts by a sitting VP.

Even if Biden did not technically do anything wrong, the optics on this are surely going to wake people up to the fact that Biden, at the very least, is deeply entrenched in the Swamp.

Giuliani, however, is not going to allow the press to get away with ignoring the possible corruption by Biden and is now openly calling out the media that has been so eager to investigate Trump on not doing the same for Biden.

The former New York mayor stated, “The Washington press corps has been covering this up for the last three years.

“I’m trying to investigate a massive corruption scandal in the Obama administration.”

Biden Becoming Unraveled

Giuliani is right on that for the most part, the media has been completely overlooking the possibility of inappropriate actions or possible corruption by then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, for the most part, has refused to even comment on the subject unless he was in friendly waters.

Finally, on Friday, a journalist asked Biden about the possible conflict of interest and Biden lost his mind.

He got extremely angry with the journalist and tried to deflect the issue right back at Trump.

I have said this before, but it must be mentioned again…

The fact that Trump can benefit from Joe Biden being corrupt is irrelevant.

The American people deserve to know if Biden was exploiting his contacts in order to make his son rich while he was in office.

Joe Biden deserves the same scrutiny in the media as well as a non-partisan investigation into the allegations made against him.

Considering how deeply Democrats have been looking into every aspect of Trump’s life and business dealings, it seems only fair the same attention be paid to the frontrunner Democrat candidate who faces some very serious allegations of political corruption.

Source: Fox News

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