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Rudy Giuliani Slams Mueller Team Over Media Leaks

The press wires have been burning up for days about members of Mueller’s team pushing back against Barr’s summary report.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is taking exception to this, calling it the “biggest canard in this investigation.”

Stirring the Pot

The long-awaited Mueller report was finally sent to Attorney General Barr a little more than two weeks ago.

Mueller’s team reportedly included several different summary reports for Barr to release.

However, Mueller never told Barr he wanted them released and after reading them over, Barr decided they were not fit for release because they contained classified or privileged information.

Barr, after reviewing the full report, issued a four-page summary saying Mueller exonerated the President on collusion but fell slightly short of exonerating him for obstruction, saying there was not enough evidence to make a case.

Within days, members of Mueller’s team notified the media they did not agree with Barr’s summary.

In their opinion, there was “acute” evidence of obstruction.

None of them, however, went on the record to give their name.

Additionally, their complaint seemed to be more about semantics regarding the wording used by Barr than anything else.

These unidentified rats felt that Barr’s summary downplayed the seriousness of the evidence they allegedly found and public opinion would be formed by the time the complete report was made public.

Giuliana Pushback

When the “leaks” went public, Giuliani was absolutely furious.

This just goes to show the bias and unprofessionalism of Mueller’ team, something Giuliana was quick to point out.

Giuliani stated, “That leak really indicates all you need to know about Mueller’s prosecutors.”

“Leaking like that… that’s been the biggest canard of this investigation,” he added.

Attorney General Barr has also pushed back against the leaks.

The Justice Department recently released a formal statement:

“Given the extraordinary public interest in this matter, the Attorney General decided to release the report’s bottom-line findings and his conclusions immediately – without attempting to summarize the report – with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process.”

Rumors also started to surface that Barr was both frustrated and unhappy with the media reports from Mueller’s team.

Barr felt the onus of exonerating or indicting Trump fell on Mueller, and he clearly walked the fence on the issue of obstruction.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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