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San Francisco High School to Paint Over George Washington Mural

We all knew this day would be coming soon, and it is has finally arrived.

A San Francisco High School is going to spend $600,000 to paint over/remove the “Life of Washington.”

The mural was done by Victor Arnautoff 83 years ago and is considered a historical art piece.

Deemed Offensive

The snowflakes in California have deemed the Arnautoff mural to be too offensive for the eyes of their children.

While once perceived as educational and insightful to Washington’s life, now liberals want it removed.

The mural consists of 13 panels and covers some 1,600 sq. ft. of space.

The mural was actually created as a “left-wing response to early American history.”

The mural covers Washington’s life as a soldier, a statesman, as well as the fact he owned slaves.

Reaction to the decision by the local school board has been mixed.

It has also raised concerns about the fate of other historical artwork around the city that may now also find itself on the liberal hit list.

Richard Walker, who is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, believes removing the mural is the wrong way to go.

He stated, “We on the left ought to welcome the honest portrayal.”

He further stated, that destroying the mural “is the worst way we can deal with historic malfeasance, historic evils.”

The Vice President of the school board as well as a teacher, Mark Sanchez, stated, “Painting it over represents not only a symbolic fresh start, but a real fresh start.”

You Can’t Erase History

This is yet another attempt by the left to simply try to erase our history.

Nobody in this country is proud of slavery or the fact our Founding Fathers were not able to outlaw it in the Declaration of Independence.

However, our country, over time, righted this wrong.

We should not be erasing our history, but forever learning from it.

Some people look at historical paintings like this and are proud to see how far we have come.

Other’s are intimidated by it or like to use it to portray this country as shameful and evil.

I would prefer to look at the former rather than repeat history by simply ignoring the facts.

As conservatives, we have dreaded the moment the far left would start to win these battles and now they are.

It is probably just a matter of time before they try to erase our Founding Fathers completely from the history books, from our schools, from our streets, and from our monuments.

Source: CBS News

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