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Sanders Adviser Gives Biden Campaign Bad News

Joe Biden may have the support of Bernie Sanders, but it now appears as though Sanders’ supporters are not buying into the idea of electing Joe Biden as their president.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ 2016 campaign manager and senior adviser on his 2020 campaign, stated that Bernie’s supporters are “currently unsupportive” of Biden’s campaign.

Bad News, Joe

In 2016, by and large, Sanders supporters stayed home on election day.

His supporters were devasted that he not only lost the primary but that he later caved to an establishment that stole the nomination for Hillary Clinton.

They felt betrayed and refused to give in, unlike the man they gave their support to.

While the process was not as blatantly biased as it was in 2016, it was still very clear that the establishment did not want Bernie Sanders as their nominee.

Sanders had Joe Biden on the ropes heading into South Carolina and Super Tuesday, but everyone lined up against him and he was once again sent packing by the establishment.

And, once again, Bernie Sanders cowed to the establishment and put his support behind Joe Biden.

Now, the Sanders and Biden campaigns are working together to energize Sanders’ supporters, but it is not working.

Weaver stated, “There is a real and urgent need to help Biden consolidate Sanders’ supporters.

“If all of Sanders’ base turned out for Joe Biden in November, he could defeat Trump and take back the White House for Democrats. Here’s the problem: significant portions don’t currently plan to.”

He further added that Sanders’ supporters are “currently unsupportive and unenthusiastic” about Biden.

Against Sanders Wishes

While Bernie Sanders has openly stated he does not support PACs or super PACs, Joe Biden will take just about anyone’s money.

So, Weaver and some Sanders’ former aides have now started a SuperPAC for Joe Biden.

Initially, the SuperPAC was called Future to Believe In PAC, which was Sanders’ 2016 slogan.

The Vermont Senator, however, objected to his campaign slogan being used for the SuperPAC name, so Weaver’s group changed it to America’s Promise PAC.

The group will now focus on energizing the Sanders base to vote for Biden but that is going to be a tough task to complete.

The latest polls showed that less than 40 percent of voters were excited about Biden as a candidate, and they were the people already voting for him.

Biden has, however, made some moves to try to pull these voters in, most notably adding AOC as a campaign chair and appointing Sanders to be in charge of several committees to help mold Biden’s platform.

Slowly but surely, Biden seems to be morphing into Bernie Sanders for the sole purpose of energizing Sanders’ base but at the same time, he risks alienating moderate Democrats who want no part of Sanders’ agenda to socialize this country.

So, here we are, less than six months from election day, and Joe Biden has yet to decide who is other than NOT being Trump.

Sources: Fox News & The Hill

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