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Sanders Blasts Biden Campaign for Courting Elites

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is finally refocusing his campaign from Trump to Sanders.

In the appropriately named fundraising email titled, “We risk falling behind,” Sanders hit Biden as hard as he could for pandering to the rich and elite moneymen in the party.

Changing Focus

Sanders, it would appear, has finally realized he does not get to face off against Trump unless he can beat Biden.

Prior to Biden entering the race, Sanders enjoyed front-runner status.

Now, in virtually every poll out there, Sanders has been doubled by Biden.

In a primary, that is a LOT of room to make up.

While there is still about nine months before the first vote is cast, Sanders is clearly hitting the “urgent” button and is only a step away from hitting the “panic” button to try to rein in this huge lead of Biden’s.

Amazingly, Sanders is among the only candidates actually taking aim at Biden, as most of the other candidates, even though they are barely making a dent, are still going after Trump.

Big Bucks

Sanders’ attack against Biden is concentrating on where Biden is getting his money from.

During the 2016 election, Sanders was able to generate virtually all his funding with small donations.

During that race, however, he only had to deal with Hillary Clinton.

This time around, Biden is competing for small money donations with two dozen other candidates.

All the while, Biden is working with groups that can wipe thousands of those donations off the books with one check.

Sanders told his supporters, “these are high-dollar functions hosted and attended by corporate lobbyists, health care executives, a Republican casino-CEO, and a union-busting lawyer, among others.”

Biden, for his part, has not even been shy about where the money is coming from, even though a big movement in the Democrat party right now is to expose the “dark money” involved in campaigns.

Simply put, unless Sanders breaks from his policy of not holding these big-money fundraisers, he will find himself even further behind Biden in terms of fundraising.

To this point, Sanders has refused to hold such events, but rumors are starting to fly the campaign already has staff in the works to oversee private fundraisers for Sanders.

If and when this happens, Sanders opens himself up to some serious pushback as having sold out his base.

Source: Fox News

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