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Sanders Calls It Quits

Bernie Sanders has finally succumbed to what everyone else saw weeks ago… that it was time for him to call it quits.

While once leading the Democrat primary, Sanders started to fizzle in South Carolina and never recovered, so he is finally listening to his advisers and packing it all in.

Even though Sanders is out, though, he is not going to drop off the ballot. He stated that he wants to continue to gather delegates so he can influence the direction of the party moving forward.

Time to Go

Even though Sanders is not mathematically eliminated from the race, he would be very soon.

With the percentage of delegates he would need, his campaign would have to make a complete reversal, something we know is not going to happen.

If they went to a brokered convention, it is also a safe bet that the superdelegates would not vote for Sanders.

There have been rumors for days that Sanders’ top advisers were telling him to drop out, so this decision seemed imminent.

Sanders announced his campaign’s suspension on Twitter very solemnly, stating, “Today I am suspending my campaign.

“But while the campaign ends, the struggle for justice continues on.”

With no formal candidates resisting him, this paints a clear path to the Democrat nomination for Joe Biden.

It should also put all the conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton or Andrew Cuomo stepping in to steal the nomination away from Biden to bed.

Can Biden Beat Trump?

Now that Bernie is officially out of the campaign, we need to figure out if Joe Biden has a realistic chance of beating Donald Trump in the primary election.

The media is giving Joe Biden a helping hand, as they are putting out a lot of bogus narratives to make it seem as though Trump has completely mismanaged this outbreak, still insisting Trump did not take it seriously early on, a claim that is disproven by the fact travel from China was closed down in January before we even had a single death here.

The media is also fact-checking every word Trump is saying and his penchant for exaggerating is costing him dearly.

I wrote a piece the other day virtually begging him to just tell the truth, be it good or bad, or the media will crush him and he will start to lose support.

The latest polls back that narrative, as the majority of Americans in virtually every poll now believe the administration has botched the handling of this pandemic.

Trump’s team needs to do a better job of getting information out in terms of what they knew, when they knew it, and what the response was.

The really big factor, though, is how much longer this shutdown lasts.

If we are back to somewhat normal by June, there is still a good chance of getting the economy back up and saving a lot of jobs.

If we go much longer than that, though, we will see mass closures of restaurants, continued record unemployment, bankruptcies, and home foreclosures.

Trump continues to say things will come back quickly, but he is also starting to panic about opening the country back up because he knows a sustained shutdown means a massive recession that will take years from which to recover.

As of today, I still think Trump wins this election but it is getting close.

The sooner we get back to a somewhat normal life and Trump can square off in public against Biden, the more opportunity he has to expose just how bad Joe Biden is right now.

It’s not going to be pretty and the longer this goes on, the uglier that brief campaign period will be because Trump will have no choice but to go after Biden with every breath to regain whatever momentum he has lost during this outbreak.

It is going to come down to one decision… who do you trust more to get the economy booming again? The man that led one of the best economic booms this country has ever seen or the man that, along with Barack Obama, sent the country spiraling into a near depression?

If Joe Biden and company could not keep the economy rolling during normalcy, how is he ever expected to get the country back on track after this mess?

Source: Dallas News

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