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Sanders Campaign Suspension Imminent After Deactivating Facebook Campaigns

Yesterday, three more states voted in the primary and Bernie Sanders took a shellacking.

The biggest loss came in Florida, where Sanders lost by about 100 delegates.

Earlier today, Axios reported Sanders has suspended his Facebook advertising, a pretty good sign that he is about to suspend his account and hand the nomination over to Joe Biden.

No Path Forward

The current delegate count is 1,180 to 884 in favor of Joe Biden.

This does not mathematically eliminate Sanders but when you look at the numbers, he does not appear to have a realistic path forward.

There are now two weeks before the next primary is held and more than a month before we get to Super Tuesday IV when five states will hold their primaries, including Pennsylvania and New York.

If Sanders had realistic hopes of winning those two states, he could stay in, but that is far from the case.

In current polling, Sanders trail Biden 48.3 to 30.3 in New York and 54.4 to 29.3 in Pennsylvania.

If those numbers hold, Biden will have a lead that Sanders simply will not be able to overcome.

Benefits of Dropping Out Now

Sanders has repeatedly stated that his major concern is defeating Donald Trump.

If he truly believes that, he has to drop out now to start getting his supporters behind Joe Biden, but can he do that?

Remember how betrayed his supporters felt after he got behind Hillary Clinton, even though the election seemed rigged against him due to the Superdelegates?

How will it look if he once again bows down to the establishment after another primary that has been packed with controversy on the Democrat side?

If you look at social media, his followers seem as though they are ready to burn the streets of every city in America rather than concede this election, so there is no guarantee Sanders will very truly be able to unite his followers behind Biden.

He also has to look at this as being more damaging to Biden the longer he stays in.

Sanders hit Biden pretty hard on Sunday night and Biden, once again, got caught in several lies, including the WHO coronavirus test kit claim.

Every time these two engage, Biden stands a greater risk of providing us with a gaffe or material for another attack to use against him.

Taking everything into consideration, Sanders has no choice but to concede and allow Biden to concentrate on Donald Trump.

Sources: FiveThirtyEight, Axios, & NPR

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