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Sarah Sanders Gives Trumpian Response to AOC Work Boycott Suggestion

More than a few people have taken shots at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) intelligence.

Former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, can now be added to that list after her blistering comments about AOC suggesting workers making less money boycott their jobs when the economy reopens.

Out of Touch and Mind-Blowing

AOC is pretty bold when she is playing with other people’s money.

It is even bolder recommending a strike when more than 25 million people are currently out of work, many of which will not have a job waiting for them on the other side of this pandemic.

Right from the outset, I have stated that we would see mass unemployment, bankruptcies, and business closings on the other side of this.

Honestly, I don’t care what promises are being made, this recovery is not going to be easy and it is not going to happen quickly.

If we see half of the people currently out of work with a job when states finally reopen, we will be doing good.

There are probably millions of people that quit their jobs to take advantage of the excess unemployment benefits, and many of them are not going to have a job when their employer reopens.

This will be due to lower sales and business volumes due to how many people are taking hits during this shutdown.

As an example, think of all the people that just retired and saw their retirement accounts take a massive hit. How much “extra” cash are they going to have to buy luxuries or to go out to dinner or to go out for a night on the town?

How many restaurants or service small businesses recently opened will have the capital to withstand two months of doing zero or little business and still be able to deal with reduced sales for months on the other side of this pandemic?

This is especially true in the restaurant industry, where profit margins for a perfectly run operation still top out at less than 10 percent. I know this because I spent more than three decades in the industry.

To that point, suggesting that anyone boycott their job to force their employers to pay more is ludicrous because those that have work at their old salary are going to be very fortunate and believe me, once the extra unemployment benefits are over, there will be people lining up for those jobs if the former job holder wants to go on strike.

Sanders made that exact point when talking to Fox News recently, stating, “This is also a person, who may want to go back to her roots and remember that most Americans – unlike those in Congress – have to show up in order to get paid and that they don’t have the luxury of not doing their job and still being able to provide for their family like she does as a member of Congress.”

She further stated, “There are people who are really hurting. The president is looking for ways to protect them, to help them.

“She might want to join in that effort instead of putting people down who are struggling and trying to figure out how best to help their families and provide that food.

“She might want to go back and remember that when she was a bartender and not a member of Congress, she didn’t have that luxury.

“She had to show up to do her job in order to get a paycheck and there are millions of Americans [who] are like that [and who] need a paycheck — not just for the money but also their sense of sanity and their ability to be able to get out and do what they do best and that’s work hard, because that is who the American people are.

“Her totally out-of-touch lack of understanding of that is mind-blowing.”

As I stated earlier, it’s pretty easy to make a stand when you have nothing in the middle, and, AOC, who now makes a six-figure salary as a member of Congress, has nothing invested other than her agenda and her words.

Source: Fox News

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