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Sarah Sanders Slams Dems for ‘Playing Politics’

Sarah Sanders was in rare form and absolutely shredded Democrat behavior over the last week.

When asked about the situation at the border, Sanders put the onus of the blame on Democrats, saying they are “too busy playing politics instead of doing their jobs.”

Blasting the Dems

This all comes down to the Democrats being unhappy about the Mueller report.

There was no smoking gun, so now Democrats are going to do everything in their power to make Trump miserable.

Trump has been touting the border crisis for two years, but Democrats refuse to admit there is one.

Things are now so bad that Obama’s former DHS secretary, Jeh Johnson, even came forward to say this is absolutely a crisis.

Rather than work with Trump to create a solution, all Dems want to talk about how unfair this or that shutting down the border will destroy the American economy.

Well, if they are that worried about it, step up and actually do something to fix the crisis.

Sanders is obviously sick and tired of the games and is not afraid to lay it on the line…

Running Out of Time

The fact is, we are starting to run out of time if we have not yet already.

There has been a recent surge at the border, with record numbers of apprehensions occurring.

In back-to-back days, more than 4,000 apprehensions were announced by authorities.

Current estimates are that we will see another push of more than 100,000 illegals passing into Texas in just one month!

The system is broken, yet Dems continue to pound on the same drum over and over again.

This must get fixed and it must get fixed now.

If Democrats are not willing to work with Trump, then he will have to take matters into his own hands and create Executive Orders to fix it.

I have never been a fan of EO’s and don’t like to see them used, but it is painfully clear one side of our political machine is broken and the other side is not far behind.

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