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Schiff Accuses President Trump of Threatening Him

It would appear as though Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) got his feelings hurt by a recent tweet by Trump.

Rather than hold Schiff accountable for the blatant lies he has been telling the people of this country during the impeachment trial, however, they continue to allow him to go unchecked and present these lies as truths.

Calling Out Schiff

On Sunday morning, President Trump sent out a tweet putting Schiff on notice…

Now, I could be wrong, but I took that tweet to mean that the voters of this country are finally realizing how corrupt Schiff is and that they will hopefully hold him accountable by voting him out of office.

The media, and Schiff, however, choose to look at every tweet Trump sends out as some type of murderous threat.

Schiff was appearing on “Meet the Press” later in the day, so, of course, this was the topic of discussion.

When Schiff was asked if the tweet was a threat, he stated, “I think it is intended to be.”

Put Schiff on the Spot

I am just wondering why the media refuses to call out Schiff for the lies he told on the Senate floor during his opening argument.

For instance, why was Schiff allowed to continue to push Russian collusion theories when they have all been debunked by the Mueller report?

Why is Schiff allowed to push the narrative that Trump won in 2016 because the Russians somehow infiltrated our election system?

Not a single vote was changed, yet the media says nothing.

Finally, why was Schiff allowed to present “Mr. Z” in documents he was presenting as the President of Ukraine when unredacted documents, of which Schiff has seen, prove this to be the founder of Burisma, NOT President Zelensky.

Trump did not threaten Schiff, he merely promised that We the People are going to hold him accountable and rest assured, if our government won’t and the people of California continue to put him office, we will not rest until every lie and misstatement he has made has been exposed.

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