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Schiff’s Opening Statement Creates Mass Exodus from Senate Chamber

The impeachment proceedings are already underway and they are pretty much going as expected.

Longwinded speeches, political grandstanding, and very little to do with actual facts.

As Rep. Schiff (D-CA) started the festivities, his speech, in fact, was so long, there were more than a dozen empty seats and numerous other Senators that needed to get up and stretch out due to the length of his rant.

More Fake News

Unfortunately, when opening statements are being given, you cannot object to what they are saying.

This means that Democrats are once again able to take quotes out of context and push debunked conspiracy theories to make the case against Trump look for worse than the actual facts.

Schiff spoke for about 150 minutes… and he lost the interest of just about everyone in the room as soon as he started talking.

For most of that time, Schiff went on about Russian collusion theories… the very same theories that were debunked by the Mueller investigation.

In fact, Schiff mentioned Russia almost three dozen times in his opening argument, so you can’t blame Republicans for getting up and leaving.

The Democrat Spin

While Republicans noted they were simply uncomfortable or tired of listening to Schiff spin more lies, Democrats tried a different spin.

Dems said Republicans were getting out of their seats because the truth made them uncomfortable, but I would have to ask what truths are they talking about?

Schiff continues to push the Russian collusion narrative during this impeachment, a theory that was blown to bits by the Mueller investigation.

Nadler is still cherry-picking a Trump quote about being able to do whatever he wants, only Nadler is completely misrepresenting the context in which the comment was made.

The really sad fact is that most Americans no longer even care about these proceedings because they know this is all political theater.

It is a partisan effort to change the outcome of the 2016 election, with the House Speaker now going so far as to send out tweets implying the Russians decided the outcome, not American voters.

Schiff himself has already cast doubt on the 2020 election, saying he cannot trust the vote, so Democrats need to remove Trump from office now before it’s too late.

Democrats are not even trying to hide the fact they are afraid of losing the 2020 outcome and they have weaponized this impeachment to get the outcome they want, not the outcome the American people want.

No wonder Congress’ approval rating is about as low as it has ever been and the majority of Americans think our politicians are all corrupt.

Source: Fox News

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