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Schumer Mocks Trump’s Deal with Mexico

Regardless of party, the deal that President Trump struck with Mexico should have been considered a victory for the United States as a whole.

Democrats, however, did not take it that way.

Leading the wave of disapproval was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who decided to take a poke at Trump rather than congratulate him…

Not Good for Dems

The reason Democrats are not very happy about this deal is because it strips away one of their biggest bargaining chips.

If Trump is able to solve this crisis on his own, he does not need their cooperation moving forward.

His plan to reallocate Pentagon funds has already gone through the courts, with Trump getting the victory.

Democrats will now have to take the case to the Supreme Court if they want to continue to fight him, but the President holds a slight edge there as well.

So, in the course of about two weeks, Trump has gotten his funding for the wall AND got Mexico to get on board to help address the border crisis.

This significantly hurts their chances of working amnesty into any new immigration legislation.

If they are able to work it in, you can bet your bottom dollar Trump is going to walk away from that table the overall winner.

Schumer Not Alone

Schumer was not the only one taking shots at Trump over the agreement.

Beto O’Rourke decided to add his two cents…

The comment by O’Rourke just proves how far out of his league he actually is.

The problem at the border was NOT created by Trump but rather by the lax policies of Democrats and their pandering to illegals.

Every piece of legislation the Democrats have put forward has encouraged illegals to try to gain entry into this country.

When you reward people for breaking the law, they will break the law.

Sorry Beto, but your party was clearly the arsonist in this fire and President Trump just dropped an ocean of water on it to put the fire out.

This issue is still far from resolved, but Trump now clearly has us on the right path.

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