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Schumer: Nothing Is Off the Table

Americans today are watching political corruption at its finest.

A politician does not have to take a bribe or do favors to be corrupt.

Another way would be to manipulate the rules in your favor simply because you don’t like what is happening.

Right now, Democrats don’t like the idea of Trump getting to name three justices on the Supreme Court in one term.

They will go to no end to level the court if that happens, something Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) made quite clear.

According to reports, Schumer, on a conference call, stated that “nothing is off the table next year” if Republicans manage to get a justice appointed.

One… Democrats seem pretty sure they are not only going to win the White House but also take over the Senate.

Two… it shows they are nothing but petulant children when it comes to losing a fight.

Imagine literally changing the Supreme Court because you don’t like how a hand played out… which is exactly what Schumer is entertaining right now.

As I stated in my previous article… the system is both broken and corrupt.

The only way we can reset it is to get these elite, establishment, career politicians out of office and elect individuals that will truly represent We the People.

You can read more about this report on the Washington Examiner.  

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