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Schumer Takes Nasty Shot at Trump on Father’s Day, Instantly Backfires

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) could not even put his nonsense to the side and allow Trump to enjoy Father’s Day without getting bashed by Democrats.

While he should have been having dinner with his own children and grandchildren, Schumer decided it would be a good idea to once again bring up family separations at the border and blame Trump.

This did not exactly sit well with Trump supporters, and Mike Cernovich was among the first to defend Trump with a truly epic tweet…

The Policy

It is really important for people to understand the actual facts of the policy.

This is not something that was put in place during the Trump administration.

The policy itself goes back to the Bush administration.

It was used a way to deter immigrants from flooding our border in family units.

It was also in place during the Obama administration and while it was not overly enforced, there were families that were separated.

For the record, nobody complained about the policy during either the Bush or Obama administrations.

The Trump administration, dealing with rising illegal immigration numbers, mandated a zero-tolerance policy and asked for this to once again be enforced to deter family units from crossing in great numbers.

Political Motivation

Schumer also stated the Trump administration was doing this for politically motivated reasons.

Trump ran on a tough immigration policy, so if that is politically motivated, Schumer is right.

However, it is also completely hypocritical because Democrats are not working with the administration at all on immigration for politically motivated reasons.

This is truly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

All Schumer did with his tweet was prove he is one of the most classless and useless individuals in the Senate today.

He should be ashamed of himself, but Democrats have no shame… this we have learned a thousand times over during the last two years.

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