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SCOTUS Denies Request to Halt Border Wall Construction

Liberals were holding on to the hope that the Supreme Court would give them a major victory against Trump’s efforts to have a border wall built, but they have been dealt a crushing blow.

This week, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, denied a request by liberal groups to halt the construction of the border wall.

The vote, as expected, fell along ideological lines.

The Complaint

It seems as though Trump has been fighting this issue since he took over as President.

This particular case has been bouncing around in the court, most recently having been ruled against the Trump administration at the federal court appeals level.

This has all been luck of the draw so far, and every time the administration has come before liberal judges, it loses, and this case was no different, assuring it of landing before the Supreme Court.

Dror Ladin, a staff attorney for the ACLU, one of several groups represented in the quest to have the construction halted, stated, “The fight continues.

“Every lower court to consider the question has ruled President Trump’s border wall illegal, and the Supreme Court’s temporary order does not decide the case.

“We’ll be back before the Supreme Court soon to put a stop to Trump’s xenophobic border wall once and for all.”

The Wall

Trump knows how important it is for him to have significant progress on this by election day.

While there have been more than 200 miles of new wall put up, it is largely in areas where the border wall was nothing more than fencing.

Ann Coulter points this out just about every day on Twitter, refusing to cut Trump any slack over the fact that Democrats have blocked him at every point over the last 3+ years on this particular issue.

Source: Fox News

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