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Sean Hannity Finally Wakes Up, Calls Out McConnell

Sean Hannity has been fed lie after lie from elected officials and he always buys into it hook, line, and sinker.

For months, he told us all that big things were coming from the Durham investigation, only to be let down.

Now, finally, he seems to be waking up and going after those very officials that have been deceiving us all for years.

Wake-up Call

I have been hard on Hannity over the last few years for this very reason.

I think he coddled up to people like Graham and McConnell and echoed their empty promises.

He is finally realizing they lie, that is what they do, and that is what they do all the time.

So, it gave me great joy to hear him crush McConnell during a recent segment as well as finally calling for new leadership within the party…

Glad to finally have you aboard, Mr. Hannity. It’s about time you woke up!

Source: Daily Caller

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