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Senator Cruz and Rep. Crenshaw Send Urgent Messages to Americans

For years, it seems as though southern conservatives have led the charge in Congress to expose some of the real problems we have on both sides of the aisle.

Over the last couple of days, our representatives have done it again, with both Senator Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) putting out some critical information for voters.

Senator Cruz

Cruz, like me, believes another stimulus package needs to be bare bones and focused more on recovery than letting people sit home on their couch.

During a recent Fox News interview, Cruz stated that he would actually like to see the current legislation before the Senate fail because it just goes too far.

In part, he stated, “I think Republican leadership is prepared to make the bill even worse.

“Democrats want to shovel cash, trillions of dollars, largely going to their friends.

“That’s what Nancy Pelosi wants. I think the bill leadership rolled out will only get worse and worse and worse.

“It’s a mistake. They’re solving the wrong problem.

“We need to be getting people back to work, not just printing money or borrowing it from China.”

The full interview is below but his comments on the upcoming stimulus package start around the four-minute mark if you want to FF…

Dan Crenshaw

Rep. Crenshaw also had a great interview this week where he gave advice one would normally not give… listen to what the other party is saying.

In this case, that is necessary because while the media pours over every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth, Dems are left to say whatever they want without criticism or dissection.

Crenshaw stated, “My suggestion to the American people is, start listening to Democrats. You have to listen to what they’re telling us.

“They talk about defunding the police. They talk about making excuses for violent mobs.

“Let’s take them at their word. They want to destroy the things that bring us together. Our common bonds, our founding, our love of country.

“Why do they do that? Why do they say those things? Because fundamentally they want to dismantle our country and institutions. That’s not my words. It’s their words.”

You can see Rep. Crenshaw’s interview below…

Sources: Breitbart & Western Journal

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