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Senator Cruz Rejects Chicago Mayor Invite

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz used Chicago as an example of how gun control laws don’t help decrease violence.

Afterward, the mayor of Chicago blasted Cruz and the two continued to trade barbs on Twitter.

After the dust settled, Mayor Lightfoot invited Ted Cruz to Chicago to discuss gun violence.

Cruz declined her invitation, saying he would not be part of making gun violence a “political show,” which if course sent Lightfoot on another rampage.

Keep Chicago Out of Your Mouth

The original fight got started when Cruz sent out a tweet about the violence in Chicago.

Lightfoot immediately defended her city and had the audacity to blame the violence on outside states…

Cruz responded in kind with another tweet…

Lightfoot, not one to allow Cruz to have the last word, fired back at him again…

Thanks, but No Thanks

When Lightfoot sent her invitation to Trump, he just let it sit there for a while and never bother to respond.

After Cruz met with Alyssa Milano on gun control, people were naturally wondering why Cruz had not responded to Lightfoot.

Cruz responded that he would be “happy to go to Chicago. But given the tone and anger in (Lightfoot’s) response, I’m not sure we would see a civil or substantive conversation rather than just a political show. I don’t have a lot of interest in a political show.”

Once again, Lightfoot fired back, stating, “It’s ironic that a guy like Ted Cruz talks about a political stunt. He’s the master of political stunts.

“But my invitation to him to Chicago was sincere.

“I think it’s not ever a good idea to cast aspersions on a community, particularly one as rich and diverse as the city of Chicago, without knowing any facts.”

Lightfoot, of course, was wrong, as there may not be a single Senator or Representative in Congress that is as well-versed on gun violence as Senator Cruz.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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