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Senator Cruz Responds to Criticism of Cancun Trip

Senator Cruz (R-TX) is getting more headlines than Governor Cuomo right now because he decided to take an ill-timed trip to Cancun with his family while Texans had no heat and no water.

This would have been a nothing burger had Cruz sent his family and stayed behind, but that was not the case.

Cruz left and admits he had planned on staying through the weekend, but someone spotted him at the airport and turned his life upside down

Now Democrats in Texas are leading the charge against him, demanding his resignation.

The Trip

Cruz stated that he took the trip because his house, like many others, had lost electricity and he wanted to get his family somewhere warm.

Today, pictures surfaced showing that Cruz had left the family pet behind in a home with no heat, to be cared for by a security guard that works for him, which sent even more people into a tizzy.

I am not going to make any excuses for him, because the optics on this are bad all the way around.

Cruz, to his credit, did not make excuses and immediately expressed regret for his decision…

Hannity also reported on this…

Should this be a career-ender for Cruz… absolutely not, but it very bad optics for him and more than likely killed any chances he had of getting on the ballot in the 2024 presidential election.

He deserves to be criticized, but I would also point out that the media seems more upset about Cruz than they do the Cuomo scandal, Joe Biden blatantly lying during a town hall, and the fact Senator Warnock (D-GA) just had a case referred to the state AG.

Again, fair coverage, not biased, is all we are asking.

Source: Fox News

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