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Senator Graham Predicts Biden Running Mate

We are getting very close to the moment when Joe Biden will have to announce who his VP choice is, and Senator Lindsey Graham already thinks he knows.

When asked about a possible Biden running mate, Graham stated that he believes Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is more than likely the frontrunner.

Who Will It Be?

Up until last week, many believed the woman most likely to get the nod was Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

She was among the longest-lasting women in the race and personally handed a massive Super Tuesday win to Joe Biden.

Without her support, Sanders would likely have won the day and possibly ended Joe Biden’s campaign.

Afterward, she even slipped up, saying she was happy to join the ticket, which created significant speculation that a deal had been reached for her to drop out in exchange for getting the VP nod.

Things have changed significantly over the last two weeks, though, and now Biden may have no other choice but to add Harris to the ticket.

Female Minority Likely

With Joe Biden’s recent gaffe on The Breakfast Club, many believe that Biden will now be pressured to put a female minority on the ticket.

That would seemingly narrow the choices down to Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris.

Graham stated that Biden had “put himself in a box” that unless he did not choose a minority woman, he would alienate progressive voters.

When it was pointed out that it would seem to then put Harris at the front of the line, Graham stated, “I think she’s the leading candidate.

“I know her. I didn’t like what she did in Kavanaugh by any stretch of the imagination.

“But she’s hard-nosed. She’s smart. She’s tough.”

How much of a boost this would give Biden, though, is unclear.

Biden is going to win California no matter what, so any benefit Harris brings to the table on her home state is nullified.

Something else to consider is the fact Harris was out of the race early on, with voters showing her little to no support.

She will also get grilled on her hits against Biden and busing, something that will present quite a pivot on her part considering how much she attacked him during debates on this issue.

With many people thinking Biden would not make it through the first term, she will have to be looked at as a presidential candidate, not just a VP, which could further hurt their case.

She may be the favorite because of Biden’s gaffes, but it is hard to imagine a Biden/Harris ticket being elected in November.

Source: Washington Examiner

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