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Senator McConnell Issues Urgent Warning About Democrats in the Senate

Republicans have been trying to get a commonsense stimulus bill passed for months.

While Republicans want a clean bill that spends the bare minimum, Democrats want another piece of legislation that will cost taxpayers more than $3 trillion.

With Senate Democrats once again blocking Republican legislation, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has issued an urgent warning to all Americans.

Disfiguring the Senate

This pandemic has been absolutely brutal on small business owners, but we cannot continue to run up an endless tab to pay for businesses to stay closed when Democrats refuse to move forward.

I say this as a small business owner that has been impacted dramatically by the pandemic.

I own a blogging/social media marketing company that is specifically tailored to help local small business owners build their online presence and improve their Google rankings.

At this point, about 90 percent of my clients are no longer using our services, with many of them being forced to close their doors permanently.

Even so, I would rather have to return to the regular workforce than have the American taxpayers continue to foot the bill for this recovery.

Instead, I think we need to get businesses opened up safely and have people earning money rather than taking handouts from the government.

That, however, is not how Democrats see this moving forward, continuing to block reasonable legislation to fund their dream programs.

This is very frustrating to not only the average American but also to Republicans that want to get help to those that need it as well moving our economy forward.

McConnell stated, “Democrats want completely different sets of rules, depending on whether or not they hold power.

“They want to assert minority rights when they have the minority and steamroll them if they get a majority.”

He added, “This threat to permanently disfigure the Senate has been the latest growing drumbeat in the modern Democratic Party war against our governing institutions.”

I don’t often say positive things about McConnell, but he got it right here, and we are the only people that can do something about it.

We must vote Democrats out come November to extend the Senate majority and retake the House.

If we don’t, our Republic could be changed forever, and not for the better.

Source: Washington Examiner

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