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Senator Ted Cruz Rebukes Biden’s Immigration Plan

It is no secret that Republicans and Democrats don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on immigration these days.

Joe Biden’s new plan is way over the line, however, allowing dangerous individuals to remain in this country when they should be deported.

Thankfully, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been on fire lately and he teed off on Biden’s immigration plan, truly exposing the problems we will face if this goes unchecked.

Cruz Unleashes

Not only is Joe Biden hoping to halt deportations except in very special cases, it now appears as though he wants all those that have been deported to come back.

On this, Cruz stated, “They have proposed allowing every single person who was deported from this country for the last four years to come back.

“And by the way, they don’t make exceptions for criminals, for murderers, for rapists.

“I mean, it is utterly bizarre to have a federal administration refusing to enforce the law against violent criminals.”

He later added, “We are a nation of immigrants and there are wonderful people who come here and come here legally.

“There’s a right way to come, but today’s Democratic Party has been radicalized where they’re you know, they’re not even willing to enforce the law against violent criminals who are committing horrific crimes.”

Cruz is right, of course, and while conservatives realize this, for some reason, liberals are still supporting this madness.

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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