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Senator Tom Cotton: Trump Living ‘Rent-free’ in Democrat Heads

Senator Tom Cotton  (R-AR) has been a staunch supporter of President Trump’s from day one.

When Democrats were trying to impeach Trump the first time, it was Senator Cotton that was already ringing the bell about the coronavirus.

Now, with Dems trying to impeach Trump after having already left office, Cotton has a message for the Democrat party.

He’s in Their Head

There is only one reason to try the unprecedented move of impeaching someone after they have left office.

That, of course, is to ensure they can never run for office again.

There are, however, some constitutional issues that need to be addressed due to the fact the rules in place are meant to remove someone from office, not hurt them after they have already left office.

To that point, Cotton stated, “Shortly after the House passed its article of impeachment against the president last week, I said it’s beyond the Senate’s constitutional authority to have a trial for a former president.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. And I think most Americans are going to look at the Senate wasting our time on a trial to convict and remove from office a man who left office last week.

“I mean, Donald Trump moved out of the White House on Wednesday, but he is still living rent-free in the Democrats’ heads because they’re pursuing this impeachment after he’s already left office when the Constitution plainly says impeachment is a process for the president the vice president and civil officers.

“Donald Trump is none of those things now. He is a private citizen.

“I think the chief justice recognizes that. And that’s why we shouldn’t move forward with this trial that is beyond our constitutional authority.”

Source: Breitbart

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