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Several States Release Prisoners Over Coronavirus Concerns

Earlier this week, we reported Democrats in office were pushing for the mass release of prisoners in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, that horror came true, as at least four states in this country are now releasing prisoners they deem to be “vulnerable” to the virus.

Four States Offering Release

Right now, four states have decided, at least in some part, to allow early release for prisoners that fall into this demographic.

New York, which has already had some prisoners test positive, was among the first to announce it would start an early-release program.

California soon followed, with Senator Kamala Harris leading the charge.

Senator Harris stated, “In the midst of this crisis, BOP should be taking reasonable steps to reduce the incarcerated population and guard against potential exposure to coronavirus.

“At this time, BOP — in coordination with the U.S. Department of Justice — can and should request the release of low-risk individuals who are in pretrial detention because of money bail.”

Hillsborough County in Florida, which is in the Tampa Bay area, has already started its release.

Sheriff Chad Chronister stated, “These defendants are the lowest public-safety risk and were merely sitting in jail because they could not afford to pay the amount it would take to bond out.

“These defendants will still have to answer to the charges against them.”

Cuyahoga County, located in Ohio, has also jumped on board with this program.

In my opinion, this is simply a bad decision.

This is releasing those most susceptible to the virus into the general population, putting an even larger strain on our health care system.

My argument has always been that these prisoners would fare far better in prison than they would on their own.

It is fairly reasonable to assume housing and income are going to be a major problem for these prisoners, so how does this benefit anyone?

Source: Fox News

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