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Supreme Court Justice Says Trump Abusing President ‘Powers’

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retired in 2010, but that has not stopped him from weighing on an issue that will more than likely wind up on the Supreme Court docket at some point.

As the Trump administration continues to defy congressional subpoenas, Justice Stevens stated that the administration “has to comply with subpoenas.”

He further stated, “The President is exercising powers that do not really belong to him.”

Scathing SCOTUS Rebuke

Justice Stevens was speaking to The Wall Street Journal when he made the comments.

Much like his life on the Supreme Court, Stevens seemingly does not agree with very much the Republican party is doing these days.

He stated, “I think there are things we should be concerned about, there’s no doubt about that.”

Stevens also made it sound as though if this case does end up at the Supreme Court, the correct and obvious ruling is to go against the Trump administration.

The retired Justice stated, “I mean, he has to comply with subpoenas and things like that.”

“I wouldn’t want to predict that anybody’s going to take the incorrect view.”

“But certainly, the correct view is pretty clear.”

Stevens seems to be completely ignoring the fact the Democrats are abusing their power and using the subpoenas for political gain and nothing more.

The Non-Conservative Conservative

Over the years, Stevens appears to be one of the biggest blunders of Gerald Ford’s presidential career.

His appointment of Stevens to the Supreme Court in 1975 turned out to be a nightmare for conservatives at times during his 35-year career on the bench.

Two of the more notable cases where he went against the conservative justices on the panel were Bush v. Gore in 2000 and Rasul et al v. Bush in 2010.

Stevens also recommended against Brett Kavanaugh being given a seat on the Supreme Court.

Last year, Stevens penned an op-ed recommending the repeal of the Second Amendment, which drew the ire of conservatives throughout the country.

Even though he has been a lifelong Republican, his leftist views on the bench are a thing of legend.

Now, liberal media outlets are sticking a microphone in his face in an effort to sway public opinion against the administration in this ongoing battle for power in D.C.

You can read the full report on CNN.

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