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Ted Cruz Blasts Colin Kaepernick for anti-American Independence Day Tweet

Colin Kaepernick tried to be slick by cherry-picking a quote from a speech given by Frederick Douglas in 1852 regarding slavery and the United States.

Unfortunately for Kaepernick, Senator Ted Cruz knew the quote and absolutely crushed him on Twitter for purposely selecting a passage that when taken out of context, sounds like an extreme criticism of the United States.

The entire speech by Douglas, however, was actually a celebration of the direction this country had taken and his hopes that slavery would be ended soon.

Don’t Mess with Texas!

Colin Kaepernick has somehow become the conscience of this country, or at least he thinks he is.

He rails against the police while wearing pigs dressed as cops on his socks.

He rails against our political system while wearing a t-shirt with a notorious dictator on it.

He is a fraud and now he was trying to mislead his followers on Twitter by cherry-picking a tweet and he got caught by Ted Cruz…


Do We Want Unity or Divide?

The divide in this country continues to get worse with each passing day.

The 2016 election almost started a civil war in this country and if we are not careful, the 2020 election will finish what was started four years ago.

The problem is not the right, it is liberals like Kaepernick that continue to stoke fires that should have been put out a long time ago.

Nobody here is pretending there are still not problems in this country, but most of us work very hard every day to move this country forward.

Democrats and liberals, however, continue to stoke hatred and keep those racist fires burning.

Rhetoric such as this from Kaepernick actually turns people that were indifferent into angry racists because they are sick and tired of having this nonsense thrown up in their face at every turn.

I have personally seen the evolution of friends that were indifferent to politics and of these issues that are now raging lunatics when we bring these issues up during discussions.

And that is exactly what the left wants.

They don’t want to end racism, they need it to exist to feed their narrative.

They don’t want to help immigrants, they want the situation to get worse so they can blame it all on the Trump administration

They are nothing more than obstructionists, but they will not win because we are better than they are.

We want a better America and based on the turnout in D.C. yesterday, it would appear that most of America, whether they admit it to the pollsters or not, are finally getting that message.

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