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Ted Cruz Faces Off Against Bette Midler

There are two things that are very predictable after a mass shooting…

Republicans will offer up prayers for the victims and their families and liberals will attack them for doing so, which is exactly what happened after Ted Cruz sent out a tweet saying he and his family would be praying for the people of Odessa and Midland Texas.

Midler Goes on the Attack

Offering up prayers after such a horrific event is no different than sending good thoughts.

If you look at all the tweets from high-profile Democrats after the shooting, they were very careful to ONLY offer their thoughts, but not their prayers.

This is because they want to stay off the radar of people like Bette Midler, that think this is the time to attack someone.

After the shootings, Cruz sent out the following tweet…

Midler, who apparently had nothing better to do, decided to attack Cruz for his sentiments…

Unfortunately, at least for Midler, Cruz was armed and ready with information to shatter Midler’s narrative…

What Good Are Gun Laws, Really?

With this constant push by Democrats for more gun laws, I really have to ask what it is they hope to accomplish.

New York City is one of the toughest cities in the country to get a conceal carry license, but there were still 289 murders committed in 2018.

Chicago and Detroit are regularly touted as having some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but there were 561 and 261 murders respectively. Philadelphia had 351 murders last year and Baltimore had 309 murders.

All Democrat-run cities, all cities with tough gun laws, and all have hundreds of murders that occur every year as well as thousands of shootings.

Perhaps one day, Democrats will actually look at the people pulling the trigger rather than the trigger being pulled.

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