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Ted Cruz Just Obliterated Top Presidential Contender

Pete Buttigieg did a really stupid thing after the Ukrainian airliner was shot down during the attack against our military base in Iraq.

He blamed Trump for the downing of the jet airliner that cost 176 people their lives, and Ted Cruz ripped him a new one for doing so.

Really? Trump’s Fault

The fact that Buttigieg served our country in the Middle East and he is still pumping out this type of narrative is disgusting.

He has personally seen what General Soleimani has done and has surely lost military brothers and sisters due to his acts of terrorism.

Instead of putting the blame on Iran and demanding accountability, he decided to politicize the tragedy to score points with the liberal horde.

Thankfully, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was watching and immediately called him out over his ridiculous tweet…

The sad thing here is that as military, Buttigieg knows it is the duty of the attacking military to clear the airspace where the attack is going to take place.

When Iran knew it was going to launch missiles, the airspace should have been shut down to commercial air travel.

That clearly did not happen here.

What is worse is that Iran has tried to play it off as though it was a mechanical error on the plane.

Only due to satellite images that were confirmed by the Pentagon do we know that it was, in fact, a surface to air missile fired from Iran that took out this plane.

With 60 Canadian citizens being on board, quite frankly, Canada’s PM should be furious and looking for revenge.

Instead, he too stated that they are looking to blame this incident on Trump.

A reporter asked Trudeau yesterday if the United States should be held culpable for these deaths, and Trudeau responded that it was something they were looking into.

It’s sad, really, that the hatred for Trump is so bad that Democrats, our allies, and the media is completely refusing to hold Iran accountable for the souls of these 176 people and would instead prefer to lay the blame on Trump.

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