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Terror Attack Thwarted by Maryland Police

March 28th could have played out far different for a lot of Americans if it were not for the Maryland Police Department.

Rondell Henry, 28, was arrested after allegedly stealing a U-Haul truck to use in a terror attack at the National Harbor in Maryland.

Nice-Style Attack

Henry made it quite clear to authorities why he stole the U-Haul attack.

According to NBC reports, he told police he wanted to kill pedestrians similar in fashion to the Nice attack.

The 2016 attack in France killed 86 people when a truck rammed through pedestrians at high speed, leaving carnage all over the streets of Nice.

Henry told FBI agents, “I was just going to keep driving and driving and driving. I wasn’t going to stop.”

His mission was to punish Americans who were not Muslim that “harbored hatred” for Muslims.

Who Is Rondell Henry?

Henry is an American citizen that became radicalized watching ISIS videos.

He worked as a contractor for a Maryland satellite service company as a computer engineer.

Suspicions began to arise on March 26 when Henry did not report to work.

Later that day, a U-Haul truck was stolen in Alexandria, VA.

Police were able to link Henry to the stolen truck through the original driver of the U-Haul, who stated he had been followed by a car that parked nearby.

Police found the car and it was registered to Henry.

Henry’s initial intent was to do something at Dulles International Airport, but he thought the security was too tight, so he decided to change plans and head to the National Harbor.

Henry apparently arrived at the harbor late on the evening of the 27th, so he broke into a boat and hid until larger crowds were going to be present at the National Harbor.

When Henry returned the following morning to get the truck, police were waiting for him and apprehended him.

A detention hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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