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Texas Congressman Rips Hillary After Nasty Tweet About Trump

The Washington Post recently published an article blasting the Trump administration for its “delayed” reaction to the coronavirus.

No sooner had the ink on the paper dried when Hillary Clinton decided to throw a shot in as well…

Her comments elicited a scathing rebuke by Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

How About the Facts

While the mainstream media puts it on Trump for downplaying the coronavirus, it was the mainstream media that was in denial from the outset.

Videos are blowing up all over Twitter with so-called experts on CNN and MSNBC saying we had nothing to worry about in late January.

Hell, even Dr. Fauci made similar comments on January 21, stating that the virus, at that time, was no threat to the people of the United States.

Crenshaw put a few headlines together from the Washington Post, the same outlet slamming Trump’s response, with the publication repeatedly downplaying the threat of an outbreak…

The latest of those articles was posted on February 3, several days after Trump had shut down travel from China and declared a health emergency.

This was far from the first shot Hillary has taken at Trump, earlier tweeting, “He did promise ‘America First,'” in response to the day the United States surpassed China’s coronavirus totals.

It’s Out There

The mainstream media has become a complete joke.

If Trump calls something orange, they call it white just to purposely disagree with him.

I am not saying the response was perfect because that could never be the case.

We all have the benefit of hindsight now, but it is just flat-out ignorance to say that the administration was not taking this seriously based on the information we had at the time.

We are seeing a mass weaponizing of this crisis by Democrats and the media to have Trump removed from the White House.

We can only hope voters see through this façade and seek out the truth on their own. If they relying on the mainstream media for their information, Trump is screwed.

Source: Fox News

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