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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Calls in National Guard

If the federal government won’t fix the problem at the border, Governor Abbott and the Texas National Guard will!

On Friday, Governor Abbott announced he is sending 1,000 Texas National Guard Troops to the border to help deal with the growing immigration crisis. 

Deteriorating Conditions

The conditions at the border seem to be getting worse every day.

One of the most recent stories that came out told of horrific overcrowding, so much so to the point children are taking care of children.

The border staff is simply overwhelmed and cannot handle the mass influx of immigrants coming to this country every day.

In order to make the overall situation better, we must stop the flow of thousands of immigrants to those border entry points every day.

To put it bluntly, our border processing centers need time to be able to play catch up so they can get this situation back under control.

While Mexico is now working with our country to slow the flow, it is still not enough because the politicians in D.C. refuse to work together and fix the problem.

Texas to the Rescue

In an effort to further secure the border and slow down the flow, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending more troops to help.

Abbott stated, “There is an escalating crisis at the border – a crisis Congress is refusing to fix.”

The troops will have two roles at the border:

  • Assist at temporary holding facilities for single adult migrants
  • Help Border Patrol agents along the ports of entry

Democrats, of course, were up in arms over the move by Abbott.

Texas Democrat Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa stated, “Deploying 1,000 new troops to the border is reckless, unnecessary, and further server to harm our relationship with the strategic allies in Central America and Mexico.”

See, that is what Democrats want.

They don’t want the immigration problem solved because they know it creates more negative headlines for the Trump administration.

Dems want to see overcrowding, children being neglected, people sleeping on the ground, and unsanitary conditions brought on by facilities that are simply overwhelmed.

If the problem gets fixed, they have nothing to rail against any longer and stand less of a chance of defeating Trump and the Republicans in the 2020 election.

Source: Texas Tribune

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