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Texas Governor Abbott Rips CDC for Negligence on Handling of Local Coronavirus Patient

Democrats have been ripping the Trump administration for its preparedness for the coronavirus, much of which has been taken with a grain of salt.

That is about to change after a strong reprimand of the CDC by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been a staunch supporter of this administration.

Completely Unacceptable

According to Gov. Abbott, a woman who had traveled back to the United States from Wuhan, China was being held in isolation at a military base in San Antonio.

This woman was eventually released, but she has not tested positive for the virus.

Governor Abbott stated, “What the CDC did is completely unacceptable.

“It appears to be a case of negligence with regard to allowing this person who had coronavirus to leave Texas Center for Infectious Disease and go back into the general population.

“I think they understand the magnitude of the error.”

Abbott is now demanding the CDC stop releasing those being held in isolation at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland until the CDC is able to 100 percent confirm they do not have the virus.

He stated, “They must improve their protocols and they must be absolutely certain that before they allow anybody to be released from any location in San Antonio they can ensure the public that whoever they are releasing does not have coronavirus.”

More Outbreaks

While we are far from panic mode about the coronavirus, the situation has started to worsen.

There have now officially been two deaths related to the coronavirus in the United States.

Now, we know at least of the individuals had susceptible health problems and we would expect that to be true of the second as well.

We also knew this was going to happen, as health officials stated this weekend during the press conference with Trump.

Still, the fact people have died will undoubtedly ramp up the attacks against the administration.

Additionally, there is now at least one case of the coronavirus reported on the East Coast.

The reported case involves a man that recently traveled to Italy, which is where he probably caught it.

This is clearly going to get worse before it gets better, but people need to keep a clear perspective on this in terms of politicizing it.

Having said that, the blistering comments made by Governor Abbott are not going to help this administration and its current narrative.

Source: The Blaze & Dallas Morning News

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