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Texas Official Tells Judge – ‘English… This is not Mexico!’

A Texas county official is in some hot water for saying what most of us are thinking.

While a local judge was giving a briefing in Spanish, Chambers County Commissioner Mark Tice told her, “English… this is not Mexico!”

The Backlash

The controversy started with Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo answering questions in both Spanish and English.

When questions were asked in English, she was first answering in English, then translating her answer to Spanish.

Tice became upset when questions were asked in Spanish and no translation was reportedly given for the question or the answer given by Judge Hidalgo.

After the interviews were over, Tice was approached by the Houston Chronicle to clarify his statement, which he did.

Tice stated, “It’s real simple. This is the United States. Speak English.”

While initially standing tall, Tice eventually did cave to public pressure about his comments, offering an apology on Facebook, claiming he was emotional during his initial response.

After describing the setting, he stated, “I can only hope, in time, that my actions can be forgiven.”

The Reality

Hidalgo was speaking Spanish because 43 percent of her county is Latino or Hispanic.

According to recent census figures, a language other than English, we can assume Spanish, is the preferred language in roughly 40 percent of those homes.

Even so, that does not excuse Judge Hidalgo from alienating her English-speaking constituents with the answers only given in Spanish.

People can criticize Tice all they want, but he was only saying what many Americans feels in areas with a significant Latino or Hispanic base.

Why does the onus end up on Americans to learn a second language when individuals are migrating to this country?

Why are Americans who don’t speak a second language villainized by Democrats and liberals?

What should be a common courtesy is turning into yet another way for Democrats and liberals to create more divide in this country.

Tice had it right the first time and never should have apologized… “English… this is NOT Mexico!”

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