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Texas Prepares to Defend Alamo Against Rioters

With national monuments and statues being taken down and others being outright vandalized by protesters, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is putting everyone on notice.

Bush has made it very plain that any attacks against The Alamo will be defended.

The Alamo

Texas takes its history very seriously.

One of the institutional monuments in the state that fully represents the role Texas played in the history of the United States is The Alamo.

However, in recent weeks, The Alamo has become the target of vandalism, something that Bush will not tolerate, period.

Bush sent out a tweet just so everyone knows where he stands on this matter…

As stated above, The Alamo was vandalized in May when the Alamo Cenotaph had been sprayed with graffiti.

After the initial vandalism took place, a group of Texans took it upon themselves to stand guard to ensure it would not happen again.

A representative of that group, David Ahmad, stated, “Well, it’s all pretty simple.  If you’re mad that George Floyd got murdered, well good. So am I.

“If you want to respond to that by burning Target, or a drug store, or looting a liquor store, or destroying the Alamo, you can kiss both sides of my ass.

“We’re going to put a stop to you.”

“So, just do it right. Protest the man’s death because it should be protested.

“Things need to change. This bullshit’s got to stop.”

The open defense of the monument by Bush stunned some due to the rather volatile nature of the relationship between Donald Trump and most of the Bush family.

The fact that George P. is the son of Jeb Bush, a man that absolutely despises President Trump, has not swayed the Texan from his support of this president.

In fact, it was recently reported that George P. Bush has put his full support behind Donald Trump’s re-election.

His stance to defend The Alamo will be very much appreciated by both Trump and his supporters.

Sources: Washington Times & Breitbart

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