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Texas Senator Ted Cruz Faces Off Against Alyssa Milano on Gun Control

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz sat down with Hollywood activist, Alyssa Milano, Fred Guttenberg (father of a girl killed at Parkland), and Ben Jackson, a friend to both and a fellow activist on gun control.

The hour-plus meeting was civil, but it was also filled with plenty of hypocrisy on the party of Milano.

Kicking Off the Meeting

Milano started the meeting off with an emotional plea to Cruz.

As I stated on Twitter, she lost me when she begged Cruz to lead, something I personally do not want from any elected official in office.

We elect these individuals to represent us, not lead us.

Milano’s opening seemed to come from the heart, but there is little doubt in my mind she was also playing to the cameras.

She was very dramatic and the words that left her mouth were often the opposite of how she acts.

Now, for the record, I do not doubt for one second how passionate Milano is about gun control and other issues she is fighting for. My problem lies in how she portrayed the left and the right in this debate.

Less Snarkiness

At one point, Milano said that she would appreciate it if people would be less snarky when trying to discuss these issues.

Yet, she was the one that accused Cruz of being owned by the gun lobby as well as calling the words that come out of his mouth bulls**t.

Milano also accused the right of being far worse in terms of aggression than the left, something I think we all know not to be true.

More foul things have come out of her mouth and her fellow stars that were aimed at conservatives than I have ever seen a personality on the right throw out at liberals. Far and away, the left is the aggressor, the insulter, and the attacker.

The one genuine person in all of this (from their party) was Guttenberg. When he told the story of how his daughter was murdered, you cannot help but feel for the man, but we also cannot allow emotion to rule the day, something Cruz was quick to point out.

Milano just wants to throw things up against the wall and see what sticks, but that is not how we can govern this country.

She does not seem to realize that putting legislation into play just to test it can have severe ramifications in the future if we are not careful.

She pleaded with Cruz on several occasions to sign legislation the Democrats have put forth on several issues that are, in fact, bipartisan, but she fails to realize there are some addendums within those bills that we simply cannot allow into law.

If the House would stop packing this legislation with poison pills, perhaps some of this legislation would be passed.

The full video of their meeting is posted below…

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