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The Democrat Party: Diversity and Change…NOT

The “new” Democrat party regularly touts itself as the party of diversity and change, but that is nothing more than a ruse being played out on the American people.

Now, there is no denying the fact there are more women and more people of color in the Democrat party than the Republican party, but I say so what!

Democrats parade their women and their minorities out in public, but they really care what they have to say.

Look at what happened to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal.

While I will be the first person to admit that plan is nothing but fantasy, her own party members should not have been ridiculing her over it.

But, forget that aspect of the party for just a second and look at the frontrunners in the presidential campaign.

The party of diversity has three white candidates fighting it out at the top of the primary race:

  • Joe Biden, age 76, spent four decades in the Senate, net worth (with wife) about $9 million
  • Bernie Sanders, age 77, has been in office of some type since 1981, net worth roughly $2 million
  • Elizabeth Warren, age 70, net worth roughly $9 million

These are three very wealthy, white Democrats that are preaching to us about giving our money away and promoting change.

Both Sanders and Biden have been in office while most of the mess they are promising to fix was created.

Where is the next Obama? Where is the next young Democrat that can inspire the party?

What most people are not seeing is the fact that Americans gave the new Democrats a chance with Obama, and he failed miserably.

Now, while they parade the likes of Cory Booker and AOC out in public, they really don’t want them in leadership roles because they want establishment-like candidates in place.

Do you really think it is Biden’s popularity that has him in front of this race? Virtually every big-money donor in the party is backing Biden as well as the powers that be in the Democrat party because they don’t want to hand the power of the party over to the next generation; they want to keep it right where it is, and that is with the elite establishment, of which Biden is a card-carrying member.

After all of the gaffes Biden has committed, is there really any other excuse as to why he continues to dominate the Democrat field?

The point being that what the Democrat party as a whole is selling the American people is, by and far, a farce.

They are luring in minorities by saying all the right things, but the fact that Biden and company are at the forefront of this primary field tells you all you need to know about the real direction of the Democrat party.

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