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The DNC Is Turning On Bernie Sanders… Again

Only days after a mass email was sent out to announce a DNC-backed unity fund to support whatever candidate wins, the DNC has once again forced Bernie Sanders to sign a loyalty pledge to the party.

The party then turned around and hired an anti-Sanders Democrat as its finance chair, Chris Korge.

Already Problems

One of the biggest concerns brought to light during the last presidential election was the blatant support for Hillary during the campaign by the DNC.

Sanders never really had a chance, only he didn’t know it.

That appears to be much the same this time around, although the measures being taken by the DNC to thwart a successful Sanders campaign are a bit more subtle.

During the 2016 election, the DNC made a secret deal with Hillary.

This time around, they just hired a finance chairman that despises Sanders and has personally donated to the campaign of Kamala Harris.

Prior to accepting this position, Korge was still going after Sanders.

As recently as December, Korge retweeted a post stating Sanders is “dangerous to the future of the Democratic Party.”

Korge now maintains he is willing to put his personal feelings aside to do what is best for Democrats.

He stated, “I have worked tirelessly to help the Democratic Party, and I have been proud to support a wide array of Democratic candidates.

“I’m fully committed to the DNC’s neutrality policy and I look forward to raising the funds necessary to help whoever our Democratic nominee is.”

Sign of the Times

It is pretty clear Democrats both do not think and do not want Sanders to win this primary.

Hiring someone like Korge to be the main moneyman for the party is proof of that.

If Sanders were to win, clearly the backstory of Korge would be on the front lines of the media.

The difference this time around, though, is that Sanders can say nothing about it.

His loyalty pledge means he has to keep his mouth shut and back whoever wins the nod, and it surely won’t be him.

Murmers throughout the party right now have a dream ticket of Biden/Harris facing off against Trump/Pence.

The party loves the attention it gets because of Sanders, but leadership is clearly aware his socialist agenda is not attractive most Americans.

They pacify him, but behind closed doors, you can rest assured they are doing everything possible to prevent him from getting the nod.

Korge’s appointment, even though they will deny it with their last breath, is proof-positive of that.

Sources: Conservative Tribune / Huffington Post

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