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The Immigrant Family Unit Then and Now

Democrats won’t admit it right now, but we have a real crisis on our hand when it comes specifically to the immigrant family unit.

Family units used to be cherished when they first entered this country.

A family unit denoted stability, knowing full well the father of the family was going to do his best to work hard and provide a better life for his children.

Today, the family unit often takes on a different narrative and it is one that needs to be boldly and openly addressed.

The Family Separation Policy

If you listen to Democrats, this is a policy that was only just created by Donald Trump, but that is far from the case.

Family separation dates back to 2005 and a Bush administration operation called Operation Streamline.

This was a zero tolerance immigration operation put in place to specifically combat “drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human smuggling, and repeat illegal immigration” offenses here in the United States.

The idea behind the operation was that separating the children from their parents would help deter illegal immigration and human traffickers.

The policy was far laxer under President Obama, but there was one major change, which brings us to our next point.

The Building of the ‘Cages’

While President Trump takes the heat over the cages, it was the Obama administration that actually built the cages and used them to hold unaccompanied minors.

The children were housed in these “cages” and separated by both gender and age.

The Obama administration also separated families, but this has been widely kept under wraps.

The goal by the Obama administration was to have the children released in under 21 days, regardless of their parents being released or not.

This sometimes meant children were released to Health and Human Services, separated from their parent or parents, especially if that parent was a male (the Obama administration tried to put an emphasis on also releasing female illegals with their children).

Trump Zero Tolerance

As a way to get immigration back under control, Trump fell back on the Bush administration policy of zero tolerance.

After much criticism, Trump actually put legislation on the books to prevent family separation when possible, but there is still the problem of unaccompanied minors coming into the country.

The Abuse of the Family Unit

With the way our immigration laws are today, illegal immigrants know if they can get across the border, even if they are caught, they have a very good chance of being released into the United States.

While many family units, probably most of them actually, are real families, there are still far too many human traffickers and smugglers posing as family units to take advantage of these policies.

Furthermore, the Democrat narrative of decriminalizing all illegal immigration is only encouraging more people to abuse this policy.

With a significant portion of the illegal entries coming across as family units, even a small percentage of illicit behavior is contributing to the problems of human trafficking and smuggling.

It is probably a safe assumption to say that somewhere between five and 10 percent of the family units entering this country are not really families.

On the low end of that estimate, that means upwards of 5,000 people are coming into this country for the sole purpose of human trafficking every month.

Even if we cut that number in half and assume half of that number are the children, that still leaves us with more than 1,000 children and/or women being added to the human trafficking victim population in this country.

That reason alone is a good enough reason to encourage people to enter this country legally rather than inviting them to cross over and take their chances.

There are also stories like that father and daughter that died horribly, drowning while trying to cross the border.

Again, though, this actually happened far more often during the Obama administration than it is happening under the Trump administration.

In 2015, Time Magazine did a story on this, documenting more than 400 deaths along just one corridor from 2010 to 2015, but nobody was outraged.

The fact is, EVERY year of the Obama administration hundreds of illegals died making that journey, but nobody cared because it was Obama.

Now that Democrats want to frame Trump as a racist and anti-immigrant, Democrats are painting a picture that these deaths are out of the norm and specifically because of Trump’s policies, but that is just a flat-out lie.

Ask Biden what he was doing to stop those deaths when he was Vice President.

Ask Joe Biden why his administration built cages for children when he was Vice President.

Ask Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi how they allowed these atrocities while their party was in the Oval Office.

Why is our mainstream media NOT asking those questions?

Donald Trump’s policies are not about being anti-immigrant, they are about protecting innocent women and children from being taken advantage of and they are about discouraging people from breaking the law to get here.

Until Democrats get on board with that, there will be more deaths and sadly, there will be far too many women and children brought here as a source of income for human traffickers and smugglers.

Why Democrats fail to see and/or admit that is simply baffling to me.

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