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‘The Purge’ Comes to Life in Chicago Over Weekend

The blood continues to flow in the streets of Chicago without being addressed by Democrats.

This past weekend, there were 28 more shootings, with five more fatalities.

The Purge Comes to Life

In “The Purge” movies, one night of terror is brought about every year to cleanse the United States.

While the movie portrays conservatives as the masterminds behind the idea, it was actually a liberal that thought it up and brought it to the big screen.

It also happens to be a liberal run city that brings this movie from the big screen to the streets every weekend.

While there is obviously violence during the week, there is something about everyone getting their paycheck and a couple of days off that really ramp up the anger in Chicago.

The violence got kicked off early Friday afternoon when a double murder took place.

A woman was shot and killed on Sunday while driving her car.

Another man was killed in his car by someone standing on the sidewalk.

It’s as though a whim just overcomes Chicagoans to pull out a weapon and kill someone once the sun starts to go down on Friday.

While “The Purge” only lasts 12 hours, the escalated violence in Chicago lasts about 60 hours every week.

Over the first three weekends in August, there have been 128 shootings and 16 fatalities.

Democrats Ruining America

The attitude of going easy on crime is ruining this country, but Democrats are not getting the message.

Look at what happened in Philadelphia last week when officers were responding to an active shooter scenario.

They were literally being ridiculed, taunted, and had objects thrown at them while trying to protect the very residents attacking them.

Dallas’ new DA announced a policy where the city would no longer prosecute non-violent thefts under $750.

All of a sudden, violent assaults went up and the murder rate in the city will more than likely set a record this year.

Several of the Democrat presidential candidates are promising to put more convicted criminals on the street if they are elected as well as introducing much softer crime legislation throughout the country.

They all want to lessen the number of people going to prison not by offering a better deterrent but by allowing them to get away with more!

When are people going to learn, the Democrat way of doing things simply does not work?

Source: NBC Chicago

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