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Tlaib Pushing Trump Impeachment Forward

Some of the new-breed Democrats are refusing to give up on impeaching President Trump.

One of the louder voices of the movement is Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.)

Rep. Tlaib ran on a platform of impeaching Trump and insists on moving forward, even though party leadership is recommending against it.

The New Breed

One of the criticisms of Democrats during the 2016 presidential election was that Democrats were not really standing for anything in particular.

The only thing we heard from them was that they wanted to stop Trump.

During the 2018 mid-term elections, the one common theme by Democrats running for office, including Tlaib, was they wanted to get in to get a majority so they could impeach Trump.

The Mueller report should have changed that narrative, but it has not.

Rep. Tlaib, even though she has no evidence of any wrongdoing, is insisting on pushing forward.

Tangential Investigations

As we all know, Mueller took some liberties during the investigation to go down some roads the investigation was not intended.

Now, those investigations have been handed off to the relevant authorities, and Tlaib is banking on the hopes something will turn up in one of these investigations.

Of note are the hush payments paid out by Trump and the many allegations made by his former attorney, Michael Cohen.

Tlaib is trying to rally her fellow Dems so she can file impeachment papers as soon as possible.

It is probably going to be very difficult for Tlaib to get any momentum behind this, however, since party leadership has already stated it is not behind impeachment at this time.

Pelosi, prior to the Mueller report being issued, stated they would have to have overwhelming evidence before moving forward.

With Trump being completely exonerated by the report, it is unlikely a majority of the party will side with Tlaib and much like her buddy AOC, she will be left alone to play the part of a fool.

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