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Top Dem Defies Schiff, Reveals Truth About John Bolton

Both Reps. Schiff (D-CA) and Nadler (D-N.Y.) have acted as though John Bolton would be the Holy Grail for their case against Trump.

Unfortunately for them, Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) strongly disagrees.

Heck obliterated Bolton during a recent CNN interview, stating that Bolton is nothing more than a shill who is trying to sell books.

The REAL John Bolton

Every word out of our Heck’s mouth undermined the fake urgency of Schiff and company to get Bolton to appear before a House committee.

When CNN host Kate Bolduan asked Heck about the need to have Bolton testify, he stated, “That would be John’ please buy my book’ Bolton.

“Look, Kate, the truth of the matter is that anybody that thinks that any public utterance by John Bolton or private utterance, for that matter, or any action on his part is designed to do anything than sell more copies of his book is frankly just being naive.

“That has been the case from the get-go.

“We told him we would subpoena him. And he said, ‘I will not respond to that until the court orders me to.’

“He had every opportunity to voluntarily come forward. He refused, despite the fact that many others did.

“What John Bolton is interested in, frankly, is selling as many copies of his book as he can. Period. Full stop.”

It got much worse for Schiff too, as Heck destroyed the narrative that Bolton is not testifying for fear of repercussions from the White House.

He stated, “No, and it’s simply not true. It’s categorically untrue.

“The last three years, what we’ve seen is wholesale degradation of norms and degradation of institutions.

“Despite the latter, we’ve been fortunate that individuals have been willing to step up and frankly act in profiles in courage.”

How many times have I said that Democrats are only interested in political theater and nothing more?

Heck just proved my point. Full stop. Period!

Source: Breitbart

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