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Top Texas Democrat Arrested by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has once again proven he is by far the most active state AG when it comes to protecting the integrity of elections.

On Thursday, Edinburg, TX Mayor Richard Molina was arraigned on illegal voting and engaging in organized election fraud.

Dropping the Hammer

Since voter fraud came to the forefront, there may not be a more active Attorney General in the country than Ken Paxton when it comes to indicting people on voter fraud charges.

The latest case brought by Paxton is against Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina.

Molina defeated incumbent Mayor Richard Garcia in the last election.

The new mayor won the election garnering about 54 percent of the vote with more than 8,400 ballots cast in his favor.

The problem, though, is that some of those votes were more than likely illegal.

With only 1,200 votes separating the two candidates, those illegal votes may have actually won Molina the election.

The Scam

According to reports in the Houston Chronicle, Molina was working friends and family not living in Edinburg to use a false address on their voter registration so they could vote for him.

Molina even offered to make matters much easier on them by allowing them to use a building he owned as their address.

After Molina won his election, he stated, “We started this way in advance, we talked about it years ago…”

Little did anyone realize what they were discussing was a way to cheat his way into office.

If Molina, whose wife was also arrested and charged in the scheme, is guilty, he will face up to 20 years in jail and as much as $10,000 fine.

On the arrest and subsequent charges, Paxton stated, “Voter fraud is an affront to democracy and places the decision-making authority of the Texas electorate in the hands of those who have no right to make those choices.

“My office will always do everything it can to protect the integrity of Texas elections and the rights of every legal voter to cast a ballot and have it counted accurately.”

Now compare that to the measure just passed by the House that will enable illegals to vote in local elections and you can see the difference in the level of commitment of conservatives and liberals to protect a right that should ONLY belong to American citizens.

Sources: Houston Chronicle and CBS 4 Valley Central

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