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Top Trump Assistant Fired After Revealing Family ‘Secrets’

On Thursday, Washington was all abuzz over the sudden firing of Trump’s personal assistant, Madeline Westerhout.

During a dinner where Westerhout had reportedly been drinking, she shared some alleged comments by Trump with media members that were supposed to be off the record.

However, one reporter violated the ethical code and made the comments public, resulting in Westerhout being removed from her position.

Hurtful Comments

At the center of the controversial information revealed by Westerhout were comments that Trump allegedly made about his daughter Tiffany.

Westerhout told the reporters that Trump could not even pick his own daughter out of a crowd.

Additionally, she claimed the President did not like to pose with photos with Tiffany because she appeared to be overweight in photos, embarrassing Trump.

Tiffany has always been a magnet for negative press because she does her own thing and is not heavily involved in politics.

When the comments were made public, the President stated what Westerhout said was a “little bit hurtful.”

He added, “You don’t say things like she said.”

When asked about the comments made by Westerhout, Trump denied them as fact, stating, “Tiffany is great. I love Tiffany.”

Drinking a Lot

While Westerhout did lose her job and her comments obviously caused a problem for Trump, the President took the high road when announcing his personal assistant was now out of a job.

Trump made a statement as well as a tweet stating that Westerhout simply had a bad day.

He stated, “She told me she was very upset. She was very down. She said she was drinking.”

This is not the first time off the record comments have been made public during this administration.

On numerous occasions, conversations Trump had prior to becoming president were made public in an effort to make Trump look bad.

This has also been done after Trump won the election with staffers, the President, and now Westerhout.

Clearly, at least until Trump is no longer president, off the record no longer means off the record and administration personnel will have to constantly be on their guard around the media.

This latest revelation will undoubtedly make the already tense relationship between Trump and the media ever worse.

Source: Fox News

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