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Top Trump Official Resigns

The Trump cabinet is about to get yet another shakeup.

President Trump just tweeted out that Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned her position…

Ambiguous Thanks

Sometimes, it is what you don’t say that is really telling.

While Trump has given cabinet members he deemed of having done a good job a long sendoff, that was not the case with Nielson.

Nielsen was given one line for her service and sent along her way.

In Trump’s next breath, he named her temporary replacement while the search goes on for a nominee to present on a permanent basis.

For the time being, Kevin McAllenan, who currently runs the Border Protection Commission, will step in to take over the Homeland Security program.

Why Now?

It is no secret that Nielsen and Trump did not exactly see eye-to-eye on immigration.

Nielsen has generally been supportive of Trump but in Trump’s eyes, she simply was not tough enough on illegal immigration.

The massive influx of illegal crossings over the last week or so surely contributed to Trump’s frustrations with Nielsen and her department.

Trump wanted a warrior in that position and Nielsen has been more of a diplomat.

The President and Nielsen met at the residence earlier today, with her resignation being the outcome of the meeting.

For her part, Nielsen has felt as though Trump has been undermining her at every chance.

Trump has even openly criticized her as being too “weak” on the border.

In all honesty, this was probably the best move for all concerned.

Nielsen was clearly not happy, neither was Trump. Best to part ways before this turned into a Sessions-like fiasco.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next month or so to see if Nielsen turns on Trump in the media as other disgruntled cabinet members have done.

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