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Traffic Stop Turns Deadly in West Texas

We often wonder what makes these people tick, what sets them to the point they feel the need to take innocent lives.

In this case, it was nothing more than a traffic stop.

On Saturday afternoon, Texas troopers pulled a man over in Midland (the reason for the traffic stop is still unclear at this time). Suddenly, he opened fire on the officers with a rifle and sped away from the scene.

From there, he just started firing at random targets.

After spraying bullets at motorists and residents, the man hijacked a postal truck and headed to Odessa.

Police finally caught up to the man in a parking lot near a movie theater, which is where the final standoff took place.

The police were able to take him out during a shootout, but there was a wake of carnage left behind.

So far, at least seven people were killed and close to two dozen injured.

Including in that were three police officers and a 17-month-old little girl, who was shot in the face.

This is now the second tragedy Texans have to come to terms with in less than a month.

Democrats on the Attack

The shooting immediately spurned Democrats to push gun control laws, with virtually every presidential candidate and high-profile Democrat calling on Trump to do something to stop the gun violence.

Sadly, Democrats fail to grasp the real issue here.

They can put all the gun laws in place that they want, but it will not deter the people wanting to kill or harm others from doing so.

Not to stand on a soapbox, but could it possibly be the fact we have bent over backward to raise a generation of adults that literally do not face adversity for the first time until they are well into their 20s, sometimes 30s, and they have no idea how to react to it?

When we were all growing up, kids got bullied, they lost sporting events, and they were needlessly picked on but guess what? We all dealt with it and mass shootings such as this rarely occurred.

We have an entire generation that was raised by their TVs and video games and every time something was wrong with them, they were given a pill and further protected by their parents.

This is not about guns, it’s about people. Until Democrats realize this and act on it, these killings will continue, regardless of how many gun laws they put in place.

Source: CNN

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