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Trey Gowdy Chimes In On Russian Bounty Intelligence Reports

If there is one certainty in life, it is that former congressman Trey Gowdy will tell it like it is.

Gowdy recently did just that, providing some much-needed input regarding the alleged Russian bounty payments to the Taliban.

The Bounty

The New York Times set the country ablaze this week when it published a report with no named sources claiming Trump ignored warnings earlier that Russia had issued bounties to the Taliban for any American soldiers killed.

The President has vehemently denied he was ever given a briefing on this and his statement has already been backed by Pentagon officials.

What is not in question is if this “intelligence” was every circulating through our various intelligence agencies.

What is in question, however, is just how far this information made it up the food chain, which is where Gowdy comes in.

Doesn’t Mean Trump Heard It

The reality of our intelligence agencies is that not every piece of information is run up the food chain.

Reports are vetted for corroboration and if they merit further attention, they work their way up the chain, eventually falling on Trump’s desk.

If reports are unverified or found to be false, there is a very good chance that the president, any president, would ever see it.

This is what the administration is saying happened here and something that Gowdy discussed when recently appearing on Fox News (if you cannot see the video below, click on the Fox News link at the bottom of the page to see it on Fox News directly).

One of the major points brought up by Gowdy is how many members of this administration either wore the uniform or have children that are currently wearing the uniform.

Does anyone really believe they would allow Trump to hold back information such as this for political reasons, literally putting their own family members at risk?

It is sad, really, that our mainstream media is now running “what if” stories rather than “it is” stories.

Publications like the Times are now more on par with TMZ than the institution it is supposed to represent.

Sadly, it is these fake news reports that continue to get the headlines and continue to dominate the news cycle rather than the actual truth.

Source: Fox News

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