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Trey Gowdy… Fired!

Well, that did not take long.

After reports surfaced earlier today that Trey Gowdy was going to provide outside counsel for Donald Trump’s legal team handling the impeachment case, Fox News fired Gowdy as a contributor.

That Was Quick

Word only started to travel earlier today as to Gowdy joining Trump’s team.

Gowdy specifically joined as outside counsel undoubtedly so he could keep his current commitments.

You would think that would have been attractive to Fox to have an inside source, but apparently, the new direction of Fox News prevented that from being possible.

Not long after the reports started to surface, Fox News issued a statement saying that Gowdy was terminated and “is no longer a contributor.”

Beefing Up His Legal Team

As we reported earlier today, Trump is looking to bring in heavyweight help to fend off the attacks from Democrats in the House.

There is no bigger name in the legal arena when it comes to politics right now than Trey Gowdy.

Even though Gowdy admitted House hearings are useless, he was ruthless in his questioning and was often able to expose the disgusting underbelly of our political system.

With stacks upon stacks of evidence, though, even Gowdy was unable to bring down Hillary Clinton, which no doubt led to Gowdy leaving office and walking away from a very promising career.

Gowdy will be expected to shred anything and everything brought forward by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

If anyone is aware of how corrupt Schiff is, it would be Gowdy.

The former South Carolina Congressman stated, “Bias kills investigations, and for anyone who wondered whether Adam Schiff could be objective or dispassionate — I never wondered that, but if any of your viewers did — now you know, he makes up facts in openings and he lies about meetings with whistleblowers.”

All I know is Fox News’ loss is Donald Trump’s gain.

Personally, I cannot wait to see Gowdy unleash on Democrats now that he is on board with fighting this impeachment.

Source: CNBC

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