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Trump Absolutely Shreds CNN’s Jim Acosta Over ‘Snarky’ Question During Daily Coronavirus Update

Most mainstream media outlets continue to try to get Trump with “gotcha” questions at the daily coronavirus press conference.

The President’s patience, something he has never really had anyway, is clearly wearing thin and his recent back-and-forth with CNN’s Jim Acosta is proof of that.

Snarky Questions

When Trump opened the floor to questions on Monday, you could already tell he was feeling a bit feisty.

The first person he pointed to was Acosta, saying, “Let’s give it a shot.”

Acosta did not disappoint his fans, going right after Trump.

Acosta asked, “What do you say to Americans who are upset with you over the way you downplayed this crisis over the last couple of months?

“What do you say to Americans who thought you got this wrong?”

Trump was ready to roll, and immediately fired back at Acosta…

Trump Can’t Win

I take a lot of heat from our followers when I call out Trump for a mistake, but I refuse to blindly support anyone.

We could side with Trump on 99/100 issues, and that one issue has readers calling me a leftist liberal communist, but I will continue to call things the way I see them.

Having said that, Trump simply cannot win right now and he is right, it’s not fair.

The media is taking snippets and painting them as the full quote.

Trump shut down travel from China at the end of January, so he was not treating this lightly.

He has tried to tell people not to panic to create calm, but the media paints him as downplaying the severity of the virus.

If he was doing what they want him to do, they would paint him as unhinged.

As this situation has played out, the one major flaw throughout all of this has been the availability of testing, but that too has been explained as not being anyone’s fault.

The system in place was good for minor outbreaks, nothing on this scale.

Rather than use a faulty test, they developed a test that is about 99.9 percent accurate, and it is now going out in mass quantities.

Pelosi has accused Trump of fiddling, but what the hell did Congress do? They were still impeaching Trump when he was working with health officials and shutting down travel.

The response here has been about as good as it could be considering the circumstances and the media needs to start focusing on getting the right information out and stop trying to catch Trump in a slipup.

It’s all about headlines, though, and being that one reporter that catches him saying something that he shouldn’t.

Both the media and Democrats want power so badly, they are simply incapable of telling the truth right now, even in the midst of a pandemic that is wrecking our country.

Source: Daily Caller

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